Ke-hu Power Large Ζούμ

Ke-hu Power

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L - Rubber toy length 16 cm. Total length 150 cm. Larger dogs.

M - Rubber toy lenght 11 cm. Total length 144 cm. Medium-sized dogs.

S - Rubber toy lenght 9 cm. Total length 137 cm. Webbing is 1.5 cm wide. Breeds under 10 kg breeds.

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Finnish Ke-hu toys has many fascinating elements. Flexible handle, materials that interest the dog, as well as delightful color schemes and high usability. Ke-hu toys has it all. Great joy to a great team, dog and his human.

Ke-hu Power is made to be chased. Ke-hu Power is designed for dogs that are hard to motivate. Many dogs like to chase moving object. Handler can is easyily move the toy with it’s long strip. Ke-hu Power motivates in many ways, the dog can get good bite either on the toy’s tail, rubber toy or on the webbing’s faux fur detail. Net shaped ball allows to hide treats inside the toy. It is suitable also for dogs, that don't like to return the toy to handler.

Long toy has flexibility and faux fur strip in the webbing. Toy is JW Pet’s rubber net toy, that has faux fur tail. S-size toy has fleece lining on the handle. L-size toy’s long ribbon is rubber-coated for maximum grip.

Please note that Ke-hu toys are designed for active play between dog and it’s handler. They are not designed for chewing. When playtime is over, move Ke-hu out of dog’s reach. Please monitor your dog and play safe.

Ke-hu toys are made and designed in Finland.

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