Dingo leather tug, flat, 1 handle 4x25cm (S00221)

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Φτιαγμένο απο απαλό φυσικό δερμα  με φαρδιά μαλακιά λαβή και ισχυρές ραφές.

Ιδανικό για την εκμάθηση δαγκώματος  των κουταβιών

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A flat jerk made of soft leather with a handle is designed to play and learn how to bite properly for puppies. Due to its softness and attractive, natural smell, we recommend the leather jerk mainly to young dogs in the initial stages of training*. It has been tested for functionality. It was accepted by trainers training dogs in professional European centers. We made our jerk by hand with great care, because we know how important its durability is during training.


*our products are designed for play and training with the assistance of a caregiver, they should not be left to the dog to bite on its own


  • playing and learning to bite puppies
  • training of the correct grip of the dog
  • fetching
  • reward

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