K9 THORN Multicam tactical harness - Cordura.

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Choice between: M, L, XL

Tactical harness for everyday use. 
Cordura fabric, Austrialpin Cobra buckles. 
Purpose: protection against injuries, rope transport, parachute jumping, transport in difficult terrain.

M – 65/75 cm

L – 75/85 cm

XL – 80/90 cm

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Harness made of the best and most durable materials available on the market.

When designing a new tactical harness, we consulted practical solutions with guides of police services and soldiers of special units. Thanks to this cooperation, a unique support structure was created that, thanks to its adjustment, can accommodate different sizes of dogs. The shape of the harness is designed to distribute the load evenly over the entire body and give the dog maximum comfort and full mobility. This design allows the harness to be quickly put on and taken off. The structure is made of Cordura or construction mesh.

Cordura® is a textured polyamide fiber used to produce the most durable utility fabrics in its class. The Cordura® patent belongs to DuPont. CORDURA® is several times stronger than ordinary nylon and several to several dozen times stronger than polyester and cotton. Combined with quick drying and low weight, it forms the basis of many products used in extremely harsh conditions. Cordura is chosen by manufacturers and users who care about the durability of the product. Cordura® is widely used in many manufacturing industries. It is perfect as the outer layer of clothing, backpacks, tourist equipment, military, expedition and special equipment, as well as footwear.

The harness has handles for lifting the dog, aluminum V-rings with a strength of 20 kN for attaching the dog during rope transport and a double set of straps under the chest. The belts have a strength of 20 kN and a correspondingly large adjustment. Pa6 polyamide tape, strength 20 kN, tape thickness 2.2 mm, medium-stiff. Compared to other types of tapes (polyester, polypropylene, cotton), polyamide tapes have the greatest durability, aesthetics and one of the greatest strength. Polyamide tapes are resistant to weather conditions, the color is durable, the tape, in normal use, will not wear, fray, or untangle, and protruding threads will not appear over time. We used Cobra buckles to fasten the seat belts. It is a product of the renowned Austrian company Austrialpin, used in high mountain climbing and extreme sports. The product has a tensile strength of 9 kN and a loop strength of 18 kN. Body made of 7075 aluminum, pins and clamping bar made of stainless steel, clamps made of brass. Austrialpin regulator made of aviation aluminum with a strength of 15 kN. The vest has two straps in the Molle system to attach additional equipment and accessories, Velcro for personalization and attachment of equipment. The harness has additional D-rings to attach the dog so that it can be transported in a comfortable position when it is attached to the handler's evacuation belt. We used a system for relieving the hind limbs during rope transport. By connecting the attached straps between the side O-rings and the rear main V-ring, the dog always has a stable, horizontal position and the dog's croup does not hang down unknowingly.

For the dog's comfort and better breathability, the harness is lined with mesh.

Sizes M, L, XL.

M – 65/75 cm

L – 75/85 cm

XL – 80/90 cm

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