Tactical harness

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Index Size Circuit (Belly)
 S03185 M 60-70cm
  S03186 L 70-80cm
  S03187 XL 80-90cm
   S03188 XXL 90-105cm


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Tactical harness for the dog of the modular MOLLE system - US Army pattern - it is a professional product made from the finest and most durable materials available on the market. It is designed to work with any dog. It was designed in such a way as to ensure maximum protection of the dog and wearing comfort. Skeletal harness is sewn on the waterproof material - Cordura and lined grid spacer for a better apparatus (eliminating perspiration dog) and comfort.

Cordura® is teksturyzowane polyamide fibers used to produce the most durable fabrics in its class vehicles. The patent for fiber Cordura belongs to DuPont. CORDURA® is several times stronger than the usual nylon and a dozen to several dozen times stronger than cotton and polyester. In conjunction with fast drying and low weight is the basis of many products used in extremely harsh conditions. CORDURA choose manufacturers and users, which depends on the strength of the product. Ideally suited as an outer layer of clothing, backpacks, camping equipment, military repairs, and special expedition, and footwear.

Fasteners is a tactical harness buckles Cobra - a product renowned Austrian company Austrialpin used for mountain climbing and extreme sports. The harness has a belt on the chest, a double set of belts at the chest and lifting the dog. Belts made of polyamide web which, compared to other kinds of tape (polyester, polypropylene, cotton) has the greatest durability, strength and aesthetics. Polyamide tape is resistant to weather conditions, its color is stable and in normal use is not wiping, does not fray and unravel.

The upper part of the harness is provided with Velcro. On the sides is Molle for connecting additional equipment, accessories, and Velcro to attach the personalization and accessories.


Dog harness tactical MOLLE occurs in colors: coyote brown and black 

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