Collar Cobra DELTA 38mm

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Collar Cobra Delta 38 mm.

Collar with buckle Cobra. 
M 35-45 cm 
L 45-55 cm 
XL 50-70 cm 
Width: 38 mm.

Colors: black, olive, coyote

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Collars for special tasks. 
Clamps Cobra is a product of the renowned Austrian company Austrialpin used for mountain climbing and extreme sports. 
The product of the strength of 9 kN and 18 kN breaking the loop. Aluminum body 7075, and the pin clamping bar of stainless steel, brass terminals. 
Connecting the dog is integrated in the V-ring. 
The collar has a Velcro formation emblem or name of the dog. 

A polyamide PA6 
Strength 20 kN (2000 kg), 
tape thickness 2.2 mm, 
average rigid-

Polyamide tape, compared to other types of tapes (polyester, polypropylene, cotton) have the greatest durability, aesthetics and one of the greatest strength.

Polyamide tapes are resistant to weather conditions, the color is stable, in the normal tape zastowowaniu is not wiping, does not fray, deinterleaves not, they will not eventually appear projecting thread 
Another advantage is the ease of termination strip which melts under influence of heat. Given the rigidity and thickness of the tape, it is best type of finishing ends of the tape.

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